Download a training program best suited for your race distance and level of experience!

Not sure where to start with your Run2Cure training? Our Athletics Australia accredited event coach has developed training programs for the 5k 10k and Half Marathon event distances. We have programs for those embarking on their 1st ever 5k to a half marathoner aiming for a PB.

  • 5k - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • 10k - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Half Marathon - Intermediate, Advanced

Just download the training plan below best suited for your level! With the exception of the beginner 5k plan, programs presume some level of running fitness so please look over carefully to determine where you are at.

Our 5k Beginner program is 12 weeks in duration and kicks off on 8th January! All other programs are 10 weeks long, beginning 22nd January.

5k Training Programs

10K Training Programs

Half Marathon Training Programs