Improve your fundraising with our Fundraising Toolkit below!

Fundraising page tips

Select the link below for a 4-step quick guide into how you can improve your funraisin fundraising page in order to increase donations!

1. Upload your photo to your fundraising page

If there is only one action you take from reading our tips, it should be to personalise your fundraising page with a photo of yourself. It's super simple, can be done in only a couple of minutes and can have huge impact on the performance of your donations.

2. Explain your motivation

Whether you have been personally affected by neuroblastoma, or simply want to help raise awareness for those that are, sharing why you are taking part in Run2Cure can resonate and lead to more awareness and some welcome donations. Simply write a sentence or two on your fundraising page and you will by surprised by the difference in response.

3. Share your page

Share your fundraising page with your friends and family with the click of a button through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social channels you may use. (This also acts as great accountability for training too!) Feel free to download and add on the below social media graphic and remember to add your fundraising page url to your post!

*Top tip* – people donate more if a donation has already been made so help your fundraising get off to a great start by making a donation to your own page.

4. Email your family, colleagues and friends

Another great option is to share your fundraising via email where you can also highlight why you are supporting Run2Cure. Stuck for time? Or, unsure what to write? We've put some copy together for you, so all you need to do is copy, paste and add in your link. Download copy for my emails here.

5. Update your email signature

Include your fundraising page in your email signature. Do you send dozens of emails a day at work? Be sure to add your fundraising page to your email signature and showcase your great efforts to your colleagues and friends. We've put together a graphic you can include at the bottom of your signature. All you have to do is link this to your personal fundraise page. This is a quick, easy tool to help boost donations to your page - and you may even inspire a colleague to join you in the run!

For instructions on how to update your signature - click here for Outlook or here for Gmail.

Get our Run2Cure email signature here.

6. Get your workplace involved

Chat with your HR manager and see if your company offers a dollar matching charity scheme or maybe they would be keen to organise a team to boost workforce well-being. This could be a fantastic incentive to boost donations from your networks with minimal input from you.