Fundraise for Run2Cure and make a difference to those children and families affected!

Neuroblastoma claims more lives of children under the age of five than any other cancer. We need to improve treatments so they are more effective and less toxic and the way to do this is through research.

One way to help is through your fundraising for Run2Cure. And when you fundraise for us, we offer fabulous thank you rewards as you reach specific milestones!

Fundraising Thank You Rewards

Check out our thank you rewards
Run2 Cure full fundraising prize

Run2Cure participants can make a difference and our first milestone reward can be reached after fundraising only $60! We then have thank you rewards available at the $150, $1000 and $1500 milestones.

For anyone who fundraises $300 or more, you will also receive a $30 discount voucher to be used in our online Run2Cure Shop to help you get race ready!

We offer rewards in recognition of the work involved with fundraising however we understand that some of our generous supporters would prefer not to receive these rewards. So we also offer everyone the choice to donate what you've earned back to the charity to help with future fundraisers.

More information on fundraising milestones can be found here.

To receive fundraising thank you prizes, and collect them at our Run2Cure event, fundraising must be completed by 10:00am on Sunday 2nd April.

*Self donations and fundraising efforts on your personal fundraising page go toward milestones. Event ticket price, merchandise purchased and bib postage are excluded from fundraising totals.

To help you reach your fundraising targets, we've put together a Fundraising Toolkit featuring 6 top tips and downloadable documents that you can implement today to help showcase your personal fundraising page and boost your donations to motivate you to get over the finish line!

Select the link in pink above to discover more information on our Top 6 Tips to achieve fundraising success:

  1. Upload your photo to your fundraising page
  2. Explain your personal motivation to fundraise
  3. Share your page to social media
  4. Email your page to family, friends and colleagues
  5. Update your email signature
  6. Get your workplace involved

How Your Fundraising Helps

Why fund research?

Every single dollar raised will make a significant difference.

Examples of the difference your funds will make


Will support the cost of the chemicals, staffing and equipment needed to screen 25 drug compounds which could potentially save a child with neuroblastoma and improve their quality of life.


Will provide six months’ supply of antibody to detect abnormal proteins in tumours so we can find out more about what causes neuroblastoma.


Will help pay for the advanced technology required to examine one neuroblastoma sample. This will give us more information about the disease that we can use to design a treatment.


Will fund an innovative drug trial for one child with neuroblastoma and potentially save their life. Trials are essential to boost survival rates.

Domain 2022 Leaderboard

Scroll below for individual and team leaderboards for Run2Cure Domain 2022. This year's event brought in over $363,000!

Local 2022 Leaderboard

Scroll below for individual and team leaderboards for Run2Cure Local 2022. Thanks to our Local supporters across the country, we raised over $56,000!