Pay tribute this September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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I am doing Run2Cure for my little girl Sienna.

Sienna had a massive zest for life and was quite a runner! I struggled to keep up with her even at two years of age. She always wanted to go off and explore and had so much energy despite going through so many treatments. I am running 2 cure neuroblastoma - as Sienna should still be with us today as should so many other children. - Lucy Jones, Sienna's mum


Because of our angel Harry. - Bec Horan, Harry's mum

I did the walk for the 2nd year for my little cousin Harry Horan.

Most amazing little boy with such a sick sense of humour. Even during some of his worst days I could get a smile from him. He touched so many lives in his short one. He is missed so much by everyone. - Natasha Tibbles, Harry's cousin


We're running for our gorgeous and brave Jackson.

He was diagnosed a few days prior to his first birthday in April 2021 - Olivia Yeates, on behalf of Team Yeatesie

44km for 44 kids

I am doing Run2cure for the children I ran 44km for 44kids for, their families and for #2many2young - Natalie Bunworth

4 the fighters in treatment now - 4 those taken to soon - 4 the survivors - 4 all the siblings - 4 the grandparents, Mums and Dads - 4 more research - 4 better treatments - 4 a cure


I don't know what say.... My baby Aranui, diagnosed at birth, ten years ago. Without the donations and hard work he would not be here today. Thank you. - Nicole Day, Aranui's mum