Little Danye turned three in January 2020. He has four brothers, one sister, a brave mum and the heart of a lion.

A morning like no other

On Tuesday 17 June 2019 Danye, who was just two at the time, woke up unable to balance himself or walk two steps without falling over. His mum Tatiana rushed him to Emergency. No easy task for a single parent with five other siblings to care for, two of whom have Cystic Fibrosis.

An inconclusive CT scan followed.

Tatiana, knowing Danye's uncle had a history of reoccurring brain tumours, continued to raise her concerns until they were transported by ambulance to the Brisbane Children's Hospital for an emergency MRI.

'My worst fears were then realised when they found a 10cm tumor in the right side of his chest cavity, the worst part was that this tumor had grown fingers putting pressure on the spine and penetrating into the spinal canal where it was continuing to grow.' Tatiana - Danye's mum

The treatment journey

The family were introduced to the children's cancer neuroblastoma that unbeknownst to them was already a big part of their lives, as the tumor would have begun to grow before Danye was even born.

Within a day of being diagnosed with the childhood cancer neuroblastoma he was in surgery having a PICC (peripherally inserted central) line inserted and biopsy done. Chemotherapy quickly followed.

'Within 24 hrs of diagnosis Danye was in surgery having a PICC line inserted and biopsy done. The next night we started chemotherapy.' Tatiana - Danye's mum

Two weeks after being diagnosed, Danye lost the ability to walk completely and was rushed for another emergency MRI then straight off to theatre to have the tumor in and around his spine partially removed.

Before the neurosurgeons could get to work, they discovered from the MRI that the thoracic surgeons would need to go in the front first to de-bulk the tumor around Danye's heart so that he could then be safely placed on his stomach for the spinal surgery to take place.

'I'm so proud of Danye, his strength, his courage, he amazes me constantly and whenever I'm struggling I look at him and am quickly reminded of what true strength looks like, instantly I am regrounded and our day by day journey goes on.' Tatiana - Danye's mum

Superhero Danye made it through the surgery.

Six months later he is celebrating his third birthday - running around just like he was before the shocking neuroblastoma symptoms began.

Danye and his family's journey continues. In late 2019 he completed eight planned cycles of chemo.

Although the tumour has shrunk the danger remains.

Tatiana continues to keep the family focused on staying positive.

'The new year will see a new plan, we pray and we keep positive. I hope by sharing our story we can help raise awareness of this aggressive childhood cancer.' Tatiana - Danye's mum

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