On July 4 2012, after countless visits to the pediatrician, Adrian’s parents, Nick and Bernadette, felt something was not right and rushed him to Randwick Children’s Hospital.

The next day they received the devastating news that Adrian had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Intermediate risk.

Treatment finished in January 2013 whereby the doctors monitored his remaining residual tumour through 3 monthly scans for the first year. But that’s not where his neuroblastoma journey or treatment ended.

“Within 48 hours, chemotherapy started and during the next 6 months Adrian endured 8 rounds of chemotherapy and surgery to remove the primary tumour located on one of his adrenal glands.”

Bernadette, Adrian's Mum

Relapses and More Radiation

Unfortunately, in June 2015, Adrian relapsed. Treatment once again started immediately this time with the high-risk protocol which consisted of 10 rounds of chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, 14 sessions of radiation to his neck, 5 sessions of immunotherapy and an additional 14 sessions of radiation to the left eye orbit.

Adrian completed his treatment on November 2016 whereby he remained with some traces of neuroblastoma behind his left eye orbit. In February 2017 the family received the wonderful news that Adrian was clear of disease in his left orbit region.

The Good News Didn’t Last Long, But There’s No Giving Up

In May 2017 scans showed once again there was a recurrence.

‘A decision was made by Adrian’s doctor in June 2017 for Adrian to begin a clinical trial with a drug called DFMO currently available in Australia,’ says Bernadette.

After 12 cycles of treatment, over 15 months, Adrian had another scan and he and his family received the wonderful and life-changing news that the scans showed no evidence of neuroblastoma.

Fierce Determination All The Way

It’s been a long 6 years, but Adrian and his family are finally able focus on their lives ahead. Adrian has fought each stage with determination and Nick and Bernadette couldn’t be more relieved that he is now rightly able to enjoy his childhood and be free from the relentless treatments and trips to hospital.

Help Us Find A Cure

Neuroblastoma needs more funding for research into more effective treatments. Survival rates are not good enough for our beautiful children. There’s always the worry about the high chance of relapse and what the future holds. We also need more funding for better treatments to help reduce the serious long-term side effects caused by the harsh chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Adrian’s family is proud to support Run2Cure Neuroblastoma so that they can create more awareness and potentially help a family achieve an earlier diagnosis. Adrian and many of his supporters, Adrian’s Army, will be attending Run2Cure in June.

Support the search for a cure by making a pledge to Adrian's Army or one of our incredible Run2Cure 2020 teams today!

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