Fundraising Rewards

Fundraising Rewards & Prizes

We have fabulous rewards for those runners who choose to make a difference - our first prize of limited edition Run2Cure branded socks by Steigen (worth $25) is yours when you reach just $60.

We will also do a shout out on Facebook to everyone who reaches $300 in fundraising AND we will mark their names on our Honour Board in recognition of this wonderful achievement.

Fundraising prize levels will be $60, $150, a social media shout out at $300, $1,000 and $1,500+. More details to come soon.

Your choice

We offer prizes in recognition of the work involved with fundraising, however we understand that some of our generous supporters would prefer not to receive these prizes.

This year we will offer everyone the choice, so if you want, you can choose to donate what you've earned back to the charity to help with future fundraisers.

Please email if you would prefer not to receive your fundraising incentive prize.

2020 Run2Cure Local Competition Winners

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2020 Run2Cure Local Photo Competition Winners

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